Isn’t it time to move your operation into a new century?

What if you would use a service which can automate every aspect of you customer communication? From lead generation to one step before the close. Here it is. We can setup this system and support it for you – all you do is the final call (to close or sell your product / service).

Here are the features:

  1. Lead Generation – Get Google business leads, Yelp leads and newly registered domain leads
  2. Ringless Voicemail – Voicemail drop a pre-recorded audio message straight to recipients voicemail inbox (need 2 phone numbers in your account)
  3. 2-Way SMS – Incorporate outbound and inbound SMS into one fully-featured service
  4. 2-Way Phone Calls – This will help you to make calls to your leads as well as receive calls and these calls will be recorded & saved for your future purpose, under call logs
  5. Professional IVR’s – Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephony system that interacts with callers (prerecorded voice responses), gathers information and routes calls to the appropriate recipients
  6. 2-Way Email – Use for single or bulk email your lists (broadcast).
  7. SMS Auto-responders – SMS AutoResponder allows customers to request real-time business or product information via text message anytime (typing different keywords will send different responses / links).
  8. Sales Bridge – A systematic approach to develop and organize a sales that are used to create a customized solution. Sales Bridge, leverages your professional network and helps you build relation with your leads.
  9. Drip Campaigns – Drip marketing is an email marketing strategy composed of multiple emails sent out at specific times and dates (email sequence). Excellent way to achieve consistent growth and automate time-consuming, demanding, or delicate manual tasks which otherwise could incur mistakes.
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Use Cases?

What are some examples how this can help your business or service?

  • Masjids: broadcast email, SMS, recorded voice mail to ALL your members during Ramadan (contact me for live Taraweeh broadcast website – be prepared for Ramadan 2020)
  • Schools: broadcast info & announcements to students/parents via multiple channels (SMS, Voicemail, email)
  • Restaurants: invite customers for specials, deliver coupons, cater food, digitally deliver menu’s, etc.
  • Brick & Mortar: let me integrate any of the above with a appointment booking and scheduling (I will build this for you) for your business – for example you can accept ONE customer at a time
  • Online Stores-communicate & deliver your digital products to your subscribers/members, create daily, weekly, and monthly automated drip campaigns with your content
  • UNLIMITED lists and communications/broadcasts
  • I will mange and run the campaigns on your behalf – you will provide your customer lists and I will segment them into different lists any way you need
  • LIMITATIONS? Your imagination.


  • UNLIMITED: contacts, emails, SMS’, voice mails, broadcasts, phone numbers ($1/month per phone number)
  • MY SUPPORT: I will implement and support your campaigns as needed
  • COST? Depends on your needs and volume of communication (I am willing to work with you to make a deal with you, you are happy with)

How to get started?

Have questions or want to learn more? Send an SMS with the message “ABC” to +1-312-500-8301 and you will receive a link to a short form you will fill out and I will call you back afterwards.